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Red Squirrel

Eurasian Red Squirrel

The red squirrel is a small, agile tree-dwelling rodent that is native to Europe and parts of Asia. It is known for its distinctive reddish-brown fur, which covers its body except for its white belly.

Red squirrels are known for their acrobatic abilities and their ability to jump from branch to branch with ease. They are also known for their sharp claws, which enable them to grip onto tree bark and climb up and down tree trunks.

Red squirrels are primarily herbivorous, and their diet consists mainly of nuts, seeds, and fruit. They are also known to eat insects, fungi, and occasionally bird eggs.

Red squirrels have faced habitat loss and competition with the introduced grey squirrel in some parts of their range, which has led to population declines in some areas. Conservation efforts are ongoing to protect and restore red squirrel populations.